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"Interior design is the art and science of understanding peoples behavior to create functional and harmonious spaces within a building."

I am a Chartered Structural Engineer and a formally trained Interior Designer with over 20 years of education and experience in the design and project management of residential and commercial building projects.

I offer a wide range of Interior Design, Architectural and Structural Engineering Services throughout Ireland and I have helped hundreds of Clients to improve their homes and business premises. Whether you are planning some re-decoration, a complete renovation, or building from scratch, I can help you.

I apply a mixture of creative and technical solutions to help you optimise your space, make your place look and feel better and make the most of your budget.

I work with home owners and their families to develop solutions that are unique to their requirements and personal to their tastes.

I work with building owners, landlords and managers to help them create inviting and functional environments that customers and employees alike will enjoy.

My aim is to work with you to give you a place that you will love. I believe that your home or premises should reflect your needs, your values and your personality, not mine!

It can often be hard to see solutions to our problems when we are looking at them every day. I like to offer a fresh pair of trained eyes and a professional perspective so that you can carefully consider the options available to you. I can help you to make properly informed choices that will work for you now and well into the future.



Residential Services Cork and Ireland

I offer a wide range of personal & practical residential Interior Design services throughout Cork and I have helped hundreds of Clients with their homes. My home consultations are very popular and I also offer a range of design services that can be tailored to your requirements. I also offer 'online' design throughout Ireland.

Interior Design Residential

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Architectural Design Services

If you're extending or remodelling your home or premises, or are looking to start from scratch, I use my interior and architectural design experience along with my skills and knowledge as a chartered structural engineer to help you develop your project from concept stage right through to completion.

Architectural Design Services

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Commercial Services Cork and Munster

I offer a range of interior design, architectural, engineering and project management services to all types of business throughout Cork. I can help you to improve the appearance, feel and functionality of your premises, making it more enjoyable for your employees and customers alike.

Commercial Interior Design

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Look what my customers are saying!

"Asking Niamh O Sullivan to advise on our house was the best investment I ever made in our house. I just wish I had done it when we first bought the house."

"Niamh thanks so much for all that. I'm really excited about making all the changes. I love your ideas and never would have come up with them myself."

"At last we come to say a big Thank You for helping us to renovate our kitchen/sitting space. We are thrilled with our new living space and we absolutely love it. It's warm, cosy and looks great. 'Completely transformed' is how someone described it the other day."

"Thanks so much Niamh. I really enjoyed the consultation. It has energised me for sure and has renewed my enthusiasm for decorating".

"Hi Niamh it was great to meet you and I'm delighted with all the ideas you have given me.I'm looking forward to getting started".

"Thanks Niamh, everyone is so impressed with the new kitchen/ dining livingroom layout. It makes so much more sense."

"...for the first time ever, I’m excited about decorating – that truly is a first for me! I absolutely loved some of her ideas. I really enjoyed talking to her and her approach is great. I’ll definitely recommend her to others!"

"I would certainly recommend Room Renovator. The service is great and Niamh was always available to talk any concerns through. I am looking forward to my next project with Room Renovator.Thank you!"

"Thank you very much Niamh you were extremely helpful and I am delighted with all the ideas and doubt I will be in touch again! "

"She created an amazing space which met all my needs, within my budget."

"Niamh was very flexible and adaptable to my tastes and she even found a way to match current furniture in the room to new furniture and colours chosen which was a huge saving for me."


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Why use my Interior, Architectural and Structural Design Services?

I have over 20 years of training and experience in the design and project management of building projects

As a chartered Structural Engineer, I have an in-depth knowledge of building and construction design, costing and project management which other Designers do not have!

I work to your taste, your personality and your style, not mine!

I am very practical and cost conscious and I work with all types of people and budgets!

I am very aware of how people use their homes and businesses and how their requirements change with each life cycle!

I am very creative and like to infuse all of my designs with artistic flair!

I provide flexible solutions that will work for you well into the future!

I am completely independent so I can can source items for you from anywhere!

I am told time and time again by my customers that I have saved them my fee several times over!

I think from the inside out as well as the outside in!

I will help you to unlock the protenial in your home or business premises!

I can show you how to invest wisely in your home or business!