How To Make A Loft Bed

How to Make A Customised Child's Bed.

(Image Shared From Irish Parenting Magazine)

This gorgeous girl's bed went viral on the web recently! We show you how to make a similar one of your own.....


Step 1. Make the Frame

We recommend that you use a joiner or carpenter to construct the main frame using untreated timber (white or red deal is fine) and plywood as shown below.This frame has been designed and sized for a cot bed mattress (140 x 70cm). For larger mattresses, dimensions and timber sizes would have to be increased.

Girls bedroom How to make a high loft bed



Step 2. The Decoration

Paint all timbers using a suitable paint such as Dulux low odour quick drying satinwood. {You will probably need at least 2 to 3 coats}. Choose your colours to co-ordinate with the overall scheme.

Once the paint is completely dry, add carpet to the steps (a leftover strip from your home or local carpet supplier is perfect).

Add your mattress (140 x 70cm Cot bed size).


Step 3. The Finishing Touches

Add some colourful bedding and cushions and some soft toys

Add a child friendly lamp, some storage boxes or shelves and some cushion seating underneath the bed.

Add curtains or blinds to the window and door area.


Step 4 - Customise It!

  • You could put some cute louvred shutters on the window and or create a double louvred saloon style door.
  • Add a window box for flowers or for storing teddies!
  • Paint a pretty pattern on the end panel of the bed or use some wall stickers for extra decoration!
  • Make a boat cabin by using portholes instead of windows and hand a toy life-buoy from the end.


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