My Top 5 Tips for Buying Furniture

My Top 5 Tips for Buying Furniture


Furniture shops offer great deals at this time of year. Before you hit the shops and snap up the wrong thing just because it's a bargain, read my top 5 tips for buying furniture!

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Tip 1. Does it fit?

Look at how your room is laid out. Will it work in your current layout or do you need to shift things around? Get your measuring tape out and check everything exactly!


Tip 2. Is it fit for pupose?

Think about exactly who and how you will use it. If it's a sofa,will it seat everyone you want to sit on it? How will you clean it? If it's a dresser, can you store everything you want to in it?


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Tip 3. Does it go well with what I already have?

Look at what you already have in the room in terms of style, scale and tone? Does it go with what you already have? Will you have to change other things as well? If you plan to change your overall decor, will it go with your new look?


Tip 4. Is it future-proof?

A white fabric sofa might look great now, but what about when your quiet, new baby turns into a toddler? Will your child outgrow their new bed in a year? Will you only need half that storage when your children leave for college next year? It's a good idea to think ahead!

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Tip 5. Do I really need it?

Things don't always have to be replaced. Maybe you can re-cover the chairs, re-paint the bookcase that's hidden in the spare room and use it in the lounge? Maybe your friend is about to throw out a sofa that will fit your place perfectly? That table your mother never uses could be customised to look great in your dining room? If you're on a very tight budget, look around for other options!




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