My Top 5 Tips for Optimising Space in Your Home

My Top 5 Tips for Optimising Space In Your Home

1. Get your layout Right

Good spatial planning is the best way to make proper use of the space in your home. All good design starts with a good layout, which enhances the best features of a room and makes the best use of overall space. The more time you give to properly planning this, the better the overall outcome.
Getting the right size and shape of furniture and fixtures, in the right place, is essential. Colour can be changed easily, but a poor layout may haunt you for years.

2. Use Your Height

People often forget that their rooms are 3- dimensional and that they can go ‘Up’ as well as ‘Out’. As well as mezzanines that are great for really tall spaces, a great way of making use of height in small bedrooms is to use a loft bed. These are available to buy or they can be custom made and will work well for children and teenagers alike. The area below the bed can be used for a myriad of options including a play space, storage for clothes, a study area or a combination of uses. Children love the privacy and sense of adventure that these afford and they can be customized to suit any theme and re-painted easily.
Here is a link to a previous blog entry which shows how to make a loft bed for a young child.

3. Use Your Walls

As well as mezzanine and loft spaces, you can make use of the full height of your walls with clever storage ideas, no matter what your ceiling height. Take freestanding and built in storage as close to the ceiling as is practically possible. Don’t be afraid to take wall mounted units up high so that you can put furniture and active spaces underneath. There are loads of wall-mounted shelves available now and they can be enclosed, open, or floating. Random items make great shelves as well including industrial plating and even spice racks can look great as book storage for kids. Funky hooks are a great way of using walls also.
Pull down units, such as beds and work-tables are a great way of using walls to optimise floor space.

4. Use Your Furniture

Let your furniture work well for you by picking functional items that double as storage. There’s a great range of beds, stools, sofas, ottomans and benches that look great and help to maximize your space. I love my home office system from Trazo. It stores absolutely everything that I need for my work, then closes into a compact and aesthetically appealing display unit.

5. Use Your Nooks and Crannies

The underside of your stairs is a great place for keeping all sorts. Optimise the space with a mix of pull out drawers and full height cupboards. Chimney breasts form great alcoves for built in units and shelving storage. Optimum depth is generally about 400 to 600mm as anything deeper becomes inaccessible. Shallow spaces are great for shoes and nick nacks.
Bay windows make great spaces for creating relaxing seating areas and you can put sliding door, pull out or open storage underneath.





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