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How to Introduce Biophilic Design into Your Home

Photo by Markus Spiske via Unsplash

Modern social life is demanding, and many people spend 90% of their time indoors. These spaces may be functional and beautiful, but they can aggravate stress and anxiety. That is why many people go to a park for a brief retreat into the natural world. Just the sight of green space is reinvigorating and soothing. However, you can stay connected with nature by bringing parts of the natural world into your home. Biophilic design improves your mental well-being by creating a haven of relaxation in your house. Read on for ideas on incorporating biophilic design into your home.

1. Increase Natural Light in Your Home

Natural light has numerous physical and mental benefits. It also improves the balance of hormones that regulate your sleep and mood. Besides your health, natural light improves your house's interior design by making your rooms appear airy and spacious. Floor-to-ceiling windows are excellent for achieving maximum light. Since curtains can obstruct sunlight, blinds always work well. If you have few windows, use mirrors to reflect natural light around your home. Allowing more natural light in your home office can keep you attentive and improve concentration.

2. Fresh Air

If you do not have sufficient fresh air circulating into your home, indoor spaces can feel stuffy, which increases stress and anxiety. You can ensure an adequate supply of fresh air by keeping your windows wide open. Ensure the curtains are not hindering the flow of air by rolling them out of the way. Apart from providing clean breathing air, it allows you to connect with nature by listening to birds or the pouring rain.

3. Use Natural Colours and Patterns

Photo by David Van Dijk via Unsplash

When incorporating biophilic designs into your home, ensure you use colours that resonates with nature. Colours like blue and green are warm and soothing, bringing a relaxing effect into your space. If you want bold colours, nature has an abundance of vibrant hues like orange and red, which match the bright sun. You can also go for nature’s neutral colour palette like cream, pink and brown. Apart from painting, you can incorporate natural colours from soft furnishings. Most home designs have straight lines, sharp edges, and regular patterns.

In contrast, nature features complex patterns and curves with soft edges. You can incorporate the patterns with textiles, curved furniture and materials to soften the sharp edges. Cushions, organic wool or linen on sofas can bring a natural cosiness to the room through patterns.

4. Incorporate Natural Materials

Aside from using soothing colours, you should incorporate natural material in your design elements. For instance, use wood floors to introduce natural elements to your home. Materials like marble, stone, bamboo and wood keep you connected with nature. Bamboo and rattan are excellent for furniture, and their imperfect shapes and patterns create a rustic feel. Wood is also great for cabinets and kitchen drawers, while marble and stone make unique countertops for your kitchen and bathroom. Natural materials have unique textures that add warmth to a room while bringing nature closer.

5. Introduce Plants

Photo by Mercantile via Unsplash

Plants are a brilliant addition to any room and are an obvious choice in biophilic designs. However, putting a few potted plants does not count; you must create a cohesive space using greenery. Instead of adding a single potted plant to your table, use vines that will grow around a room. You can also introduce different plants for every room and a few herbs in your kitchen. Plants clean the air in your house and provide numerous health benefits. You can also add greenery by creating a feature wall with plants.

6. Nature-Inspired Artwork

If you want to introduce nature into your space without changing your interior design, add art pieces. Nature-inspired artwork like floral pieces or large wallpaper murals can recreate the outside space in your home.

Final Thoughts

Biophilic designs incorporate your love for nature into your functional space and enhance your interior design features. Therefore, you can reap the health benefits of nature without compromising your styling features or going for a walk in the park. The above ideas are an excellent start for introducing biophilic designs to your home.

Author Bio: This article was written by Martin O’Callaghan of Wood Flooring Ireland. Martin has over two decades designing chevron flooring for biophilic projects.

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